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Peonies through the seasons

Posted on: March 7th, 2012 by Ron

Winter is by far the longest season in North Pole.  Snow can fall in September and usually covers the ground by October.  In October we anxiously wait for the snow to cover the peonies.  Hopefully, we will have over a foot before the cold sets in in November.  Day light fades fast and by December we are enjoying hours of dawn and sunset, but only three hours of sun time

Winter in the peonies

low in the southern sky.  Temperatures regularly dip to -40 and occasionally as low as -60.  The moon is high in the sky, stars fill the long nights, and the aurora dances across the frozen horizon.

The peonies are asleep, but we are busy working on future plans for North Pole Peonies.

2012 APGA Conference at Alyeska

Posted on: March 6th, 2012 by Ron

Attended our winter peony growers association conference in Girdwood at the Alyeska Resort in January.  It was a great conference.  We had 130 registrants, the most ever.  North Pole Peonies did a new growers school which had great attendance — 40 people in the room.  There were an additional 25 that couldn’t be fit in the room so we had to do an additional, informal, session around the resort hotel fireplace.  Ko Klaver and Diane Szukovathy both from ASCFG gave excellent presentations which were quite helpful to us as an organization.  Our Alaska State Director of the Division of Agriculture, Franci Havemeister, attended both days of the conference.  All in all, a great conference.  I’m looking forward to our summer conference in Wasilla this August.

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