Peonies in July!

Welcome to North Pole® Peonies!

We sell peony cut flowers from the great state of Alaska. Due to our wonderful long, sunny summer days, we are able to grow premium quality peonies at a time when other places in the world are unable to produce them. We have peony blooms in July, August, and early September. All our summer peonies are cut, chilled, and packed for shipment on-site.  

This year we expect to have production from a number of varieties and to have several different colors. We have almost 13,000 peony roots in the ground and are also adding new plants every year, We’re very excited to get started. We put in several hundred additional roots 3 years ago but it takes about 5 years to get new plantings up to production.  Almost all of our roots have reached the 5 year point.


High noon over winter fields


This is what things look like in December; however, in June we have a whole new view of budding peonies. Please check back for updates to see how the peonies are growing this year.


Peonies in June







Peonies in July




If you are interested in a tour of our peony fields or chilling and packing operations, contact us to arrange for a tour. We do have scheduled tours during late June and July every Tuesday evening at 7pm.  We hope to meet your peony needs for 2021 and into the future.




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