Peony Care

Keeping Your Peonies Beautiful with Proper Care and Handling

Our Peony Flowers are harvested in bud form, often showing little color. In transit, peonies can often become dehydrated and/or limp (foliage can look very wilted). Don’t be alarmed! After following proper processing, flowers and foliage will rejuvenate.

The Peony Buds may, sometimes, appear damaged and bruised, these are the outer guard petals that protect the flower and will not be noticeable when blooms open.

Upon arrival:

  1. Prepare a container of cold water if you want to keep the peonies for a few days before using them. If you want them to open more quickly, use warm water.
  2. Re-cut about 1inch off stems and remove any foliage that is damaged or will be below the waterline when placed in solution.
  3. Place into water and store in the cooler until you are ready to use them unless you intend on using them immediately. If you intend on using the peonies immediately, place your peonies into the water container at room temperature until they are open to the desired stage, then store them in the cooler until you are ready to use them.
  4. Do not place peonies too tightly in the container.  They need room to expand.
  5. Flowers can stay in the water container for 5-6 days.
  6. Peonies are big drinkers! Watch container and fill with fresh water when needed.
  7. Peonies may be ethylene sensitive.  Reports are mixed on this topic.  So, on the premise that it is better to be safe than sorry, be careful and avoid ethylene situations. Ethylene is emitted by fruits so avoid storing peonies in the same cooling area with fruit.

Peony's vase life is usually between 7-14 days depending on variety, age, treatment, and other variables.  Because we take extra care with our peonies, they are more likely to last from 10-14 days in your vase.


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